Our Deacon

Joseph Chebli was born on June 21, 1970 in Lebanon, to Edgard and Sonia Chebli.  He is the eldest of 2 siblings, the late Alain (1975-2007), and the youngest Dani (29).  Joseph attended school at College St. Joseph Antoura, pere Lazarite, Lebanon (1974-1986). He then entered L’ Universite Libanaise, Faculte de Medecine, however, the political situation and the war in Lebanon at the time had forced Joseph to seek his higher education in the United States.  In 1989 he entered the US and began his studies at St. John’s University, College of Pharmacy and Allied Health in New York. In 1995 Joseph graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy.  During his college years, Joseph met Elizabeth Michael, a classmate also studying Pharmacy.  In September 1996, Elizabeth is wedded to Joseph, and in 2004, God blessed Joseph and Elizabeth with an adopted child, Catherine Therese.  In 2011 he completed his Master of Arts in Systematic Theology at Seton Hall University-Immaculate Conception Seminary, and in 2013 his Doctorate of Pharmacy at Shenanadoah University.

He currently oversees the Arabic School, as well as directs and advises the Catechists in the religious program at St. Sharbel. Joseph’s professional occupation is a Director of Medical and Scientific Services at the Med Learning Group in NYC. In addition he is also a Adjunct Assistant Professor of Moral & Spiritual Dimension of Health Care at Felician College. Previously he was a Consultant Clinical Pharmacist at Woodbridge Developmental Center an intermediate care facility for the developmentally disabled in Woodbridge, and  NJ Veterans Memorial Home at Menlo Park. He served on multi-disciplinary teams for the health benefit and social interest of the disabled and geriatric residents in his facility. Joseph is also a member of the American Association on the Intellectual And Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD, formally AAMR), a member of the American Society of Health Systems Pharmacists, American Society of Consultant Pharmacists and the American Medical Writer Association.

Joseph was ordained to the Minor Orders of Cantor, Lector and Subdeacon  for the Eparchy of Saint Maron, Brooklyn, NY on March 25, 2007, Feast of the Annunciation. He was then ordained to the Diaconate on October 11, 2015, Feast of St Philip the Deacon.